Budapest Secrets

Budapest Secrets is not your usual travel website. It’s much more! It has all the top secrets that other travel sites and travel brochures missed out. It has all the exciting and interesting stuff! Most travel sites and travel guides tell you about the generic sites to visit in Budapest. They tell you about the most well known restaurants to eat in and hotels to stay at. Its all good stuff, but Budapest is much more than that. They don’t give you the real feel. I want to show you the things that only people who live there can know. I want to show you the real Budapest through the eyes of an insider.

Budapest “things to do guide”

Chain Bridge Budapest

This website was created exactly with this in mind. It reveals the most exciting things to do and see in and around Budapest. Wine tasting thermal spa days, cultural programs and much more. It has the most up to date information about current events throughout the year that are not to be missed. Festivals are all around Hungary during the summer time. You can visit not only music festivals, but cultural festivals as well all over Budapest and other places in Hungary. You can get to know more about the culture and the people. You can get the real feel of this wonderful place.

Budapest Restaurants

Hungarian foodBudapest is packed with restaurants and sometimes the ones in the travel guides or the ones recommended by the hotels are not the best ones. Here is the place where you can find out where to go for the best traditional Hungarian food or wine or if you fancy something different where to go for the best international cuisine in and around Budapest.

Budapest hotels

Finding the right accommodation for your trip can be a tricky thing. Here you can read reviews about different hotels and can choose the one perfect for you depending on your budget and needs. Just browse through the different hotels and you can find out where to stay in Budapest. You can book your flights and hotel and find all the information you need to have an amazing time in Budapest. It provides you with the most up to date information and all in one place. Whatever it is you are looking for about Budapest you will find it here.