Budapest Bars and Restaurants

Traditional Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian foodThere is so much more to traditional Hungarian cuisine than the rightly famous gulyas soup. Visit Menza at one of the busiest city squares of Budapest to experience a truly delicious contemporary take on traditional Hungarian food.

In Kaltenberg you can experience something different. Traditional Hungarian food and beer served and accompanied by gypsy music just outside the heart of the city.

For a different experience, Budapest’s own michelin star restaurant Onyx welcomes all who want to experience traditional Hungarian cuisine with a twist, using only the highest quality local ingredients creating food sensations.

International Cuisine

You not only find great restaurants serving delicious Hungarian food and deserts, but also a diverse range of international cuisines. Budapest offers a diverse range of international restaurants. If you fancy some Mexican food served in a great atmosphere near the Danube come down to Iguana or for some Japanese sushi visit Fuji restaurant located in district II. of Budapest.

Dessert and drinks

Hungarian dessertFor a spot of dessert and a cup of coffee after lunch visit Auguszt cake and pastry shop. Truly divine.

For a few beers after dinner or for a light lunch visit the Belgian Brasserie near the Danube just under the castle hill. Here you can choose from close to hundred different draft beers, bottled beers or even beer cocktails. This is a place you’ll just have to see for yourself.

If you are looking for something truly unique then I can recommend visiting one of Budapest’s ruin bars. These bars are famous all around the world for their unique concept. The experience is truly one of a kind. The interior design, the music and the atmosphere is truly special and it’s worth checking out.

With the diverse range of restaurants and bars in Budapest one thing’s for sure. Everyone will find something truly delicious. To help you with your quest in finding delicious food and quality wine and beer in Budapest  I’ve created my list of top ten Budapest restaurants, top ten bars and cafes in Budapest.