Thermal waters in Budapest and Hungary

Budapest is often referred to as the city of thermal spas. The whole of Hungary is rich in thermal waters with more than a thousand warm thermal water wells all around the country. The mineral rich water is used to produce drinking water and a lot of the warm thermal water is utilized by spas in Budapest and numerous other Hungarian cities. Both drinking mineral water and thermal spa water is known to have beneficial effects on numerous medical conditions such as arthritis or rheumatism. Budapest’s spas are a place to relax and to party.

Szechenyi Spa Budapest

Szechenyi Spa is located close to Heroes Square (Hosok tere) neighbouring Budapest’s City Park. It houses three outdoor pools with varying temperature, a number of indoor pools, saunas and steam rooms. All areas of the spa can be visited by both men and women. Massage, aqua fitness activities and other facilities are also available on site.

Szechenyi Spa - Budapest

For a different experience, Szechenyi spa transforms into a unique spa party every Saturday night from the first of June till the end of September. Szecska Spa Party with different DJs, light show and much more is well worth a visit during your stay in Budapest.

Gellert Spa Budapest

Budapest’s most beautiful thermal spa, Gellert spa is located on the Buda side of the river Danube right under Gellert hill. Saros spa was originally built where Gellert spa stands today, but in the early 1910s Saros spa has been demolished and the construction of Gellert hotel and spa has begun. The building was damaged during the second World War, but has been reconstructed to its original condition.

The spa is using spring water from Gellert hill containing different minerals and sulphates giving the water its healing properties. Budapest’s thermal waters are known for treating different joint related illnesses, asthma and other conditions and help with blood circulation problems.┬áThe spa houses a number of indoor and outdoor pools of different temperature, Finnish saunas and eight thermal bath units. Some of these thermal bath units are only to be visited by men, some only by women and some can be used by both men and women. Massage and other beauty treatments are also available in the spa.

Heviz – Hungary

Water lilyThermal spas can be found not only in Budapest, but are located all over Hungary. One of the most well known thermal waters in Hungary is Heviz, the world’s biggest natural thermal spa. The thermal lake covered by water lilies is located about a 190 km from Budapest and is easily accessible by car.┬áThe thermal water at Heviz contains a mixture of calcium, magnesium, sulphites, hydrogen carbonate and and a small amount of radon. The water has a calming effect on the nervous system and is used to treat different conditions. A number of treatments are available at Heviz to osteoporosis, rheumatism, gout, arthritis and many other conditions.