Wine tasting in Budapest

Hungarian WineOne of the products Hungary is rightly famous for is Hungarian wine. Wine is produced in different regions of the country and wine tasting evenings are very popular in Budapest and other Hungarian towns. During these evenings you can get to know a bit more about Hungarian wine, the different wine regions of Hungary and taste some of the best in a relaxed and unique environment.

Faust Wine Cellar Budapest

Address: No. 1-3. Hess Andras ter, Budapest (Buda – 1014)

Phone: +36 1 889 6873


Opening Hours: Thursday to Monday (2 pm – 9 pm)

For a truly authentic experience visit Faust Wine Cellar for a wine tasting evening. This place is part of the 40 km long wine cellar labyrinth, the largest wine cellar labyrinth in the world located in Buda. You can taste wines from different regions of Hungary accompanied by authentic Hungarian  dishes. Wine tasting in this unique place is a perfect thing to add to your things to do list whilst you are in Budapest.

Wine tasting outside of Budapest

Etyek wine region

If you want to visit some of the vineyards and wine cellars outside of Budapest you have plenty to choose from. Hungary has several wine regions producing good quality reds and whites. One of the closest ones to Budapest is Etyek, which is placed about half an hour drive away to the west of Budapest. There are several wine cellars to choose from in this region that offer wine tasting sessions.

Villany wine region

Villany is the most southern wine  region of Hungary located about two hours drive away from the capital. The region is traditionally said to be the where Hungarian wine production originates from. This region is famous for producing mainly red wine such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Kekfrankos and Kekoporto.

Wine cellar